Villa Benvenuto


The Thermal Park includes 11 pools, both outdoor and indoor, for a total of 5.200 sq. of salt-bromine-iodine water, caves, more than 200 whirlpools and the new Ritual Sauna area, where you can live a new experience of wellness: Celtic Sauna and Contemporary Sauna have therefore been designed to offer our guests Aufguss rituals and Aufguss Show.
Aquadivina Beauty&Private Suites consist of 7 cabins and 2 Private Suites. They propose an enormous range of wellness experience thanks to massage and face and body treatments practiced by qualified Beauty Therapists.
The Spa Lounge area includes soft sauna, Mediterranean bath, steam bath and Finnish sauna, all balanced by cold sessions culminating in an iced waterfall. A relaxation area, featuring a ionized rock salt wall and heated sand and water beds, is also available.
A total of 5 dining spots: Aquardens Restaurant and Ripasso Bistrò, open to outside customers too; Salus Self Service and Intermezzo Bar for a refreshing break comfortably dressed in a bathrobe, Bar Sorgiva immersed in our Laguna dell’Energia, Bar Laghi e River Bar, two outside kiosks open during the summer season.
AquaMedical consists of 4 clinics where you can consult established specialists and get familiar with preventive and rehabilitating thermal medicine.