Villa Benvenuto


The ideal place to stay in a peaceful and silent setting, surrounded by mountains, castles and by the Garda’s lake, and obviously with the constant presence of the good Italian food. Here you can find different flats furnished with an equipped kitchen, suitable for couples and families.


Appartment n°1

from €135 / night low season - €120 / night high season

Appartment n°2

from € 130 / night high season - € 110 / night low season

Appartment n°3

from €120 / night high season €100 / night low season

Appartment n°4

from €130 / night high season €110 / night low season

Penthouse n°5 Royal Suite

from 190€ / night high season - 170€ / night high season

A beautiful location overlooking the Garda’s lake , near to one of the most famous park of Italy and a few kilometers from Verona.

A Place at Sun near the lake

Actractions Park